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Feeling stressed, exhausted and unhappy? Do you have the desire to travel to beautiful places in the mountains or at the sea? Longing for silence and time for yourself? Perfect. Join us in one of our Evolution Retreats & Holidays. Learn how to practice Meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi Chuan. Meet inspiring people and experience that you are your own master to manage your body and your mind.

"Connect body, mind & soul in order to unfold your own natural potential."

Evolution Retreats Ibiza - samiya yoga
Evolution Retreats Ibiza - samiya yoga

Marco Angelo Cazzaniga

Marco is studying and practicing different kind of meditation techniques for over 15 years. Specifically the techniques of Vipassana and Mindfulness (MBSR). Currently Marco is taking part of an one year professional training of Mindfulness organized by the Italian Association of Mindfulness. He integrates in his practice tibetan bells (singing bowls). In workshops and personal treatments he is sharing his passion.
Marco is also a practitioner in Tai Chi Chuan and follows regularly trainings with his master.
For years he is enthusiastic about "I Ching"  - the chinese oracle book and in the meanwhile he offers consultation using this traditional book. 

"Meditation does not solve the problems of life, but changes the attitude which it is dealt with!"

Sandra Schönmann

Sandra is practicing yoga and meditation since 2010. She has completed several yoga teacher trainings in India and has been passionately teaching Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga for over 6 years. She is fascinated by traditional & modern techniques, which allow to connect body, mind and soul in order to unfold one's own natural potential.
Sandra is also trained in some coaching techniques (NLP) and likes to integrate
this knowledge in her workshops and seminars. Furthermore she has skills in Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki.


"In the silence of the mind, the heart opens up and starts to speak"

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