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Take a break and join us in one of our Evolution Yoga Weekends or Retreats in the beautiful mountain resort Saas-Fee in Switzerland.

Different Yoga styles, Hiking with Meditations, Mindfulness, Tai Chi and the sound of the Singing Bowls - simply perfect to recharge your batteries!

"The present moment is the substance with which the future is made. Therefore, the best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment."

Quote: Thich Nhat Hanh

YOGA WEEKEND from 5th to 8th December 2019

Yoga or Tai chi, meditation & Singing bowls

by Sandra Schönmann & Marco Angelo Cazzaniga

Retreat language: german, english


THURSDAY, 5th of December 2019 – Arrival Day

5.30-7 pm Heart Opening Yoga Session with Sandra


FRIDAY, 6th of December 2019

8-9 am Morning Meditation with Marco or Morning Yoga with Sandra

Healthy breakfast and time for relaxing or skiing

4.30-5.45 pm Dynamic Yoga Flow or Tai Chi

6-7.30 pm Soft Yoga accompanied by the Singing Bowls & Gong


SATURDAY, 7th of December 2019

8-9.30 am Grounding Yoga Flow or Tai Chi

4.45-5.45 pm Walking Meditation in the nature

6-7.30 pm Singing Bowl Meditation & Yin Yoga


SATURDAY, 8th of December 2019

8-9.30 am Head Down & Legs Up Workshop or Tai Chi

11-12 am Good bye Meditation


CHF 625 per person in a shared Double room

CHF 749 per person in a Double Room for Single Use

additionally CHF 4.50 per person & night for tourism taxes



  • 3 overnights in a 3 star hotel with healthy breakfast
  • all Yoga or Tai Chi & Meditation Workshops
  • 1 hour Coaching with Sandra 
  • Seminar documents

saas-fee yoga weeks - winter

8th to 12th January 2020

15th to 19th January 2020

22nd to 26th January 2020

by Sandra Schönmann, Marco Angelo Cazzaniga, Tiziana Rossi, Isa Bumann

Retreat language: german & english


3.15-4.45 pm
 Head Down & Feet Up with Sandra - Yoga Workshop
5-7 pm Detox Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation to Let Go with Tiziana

8-9.30 am
 Let it Flow & Go Yoga Session with Sandra - Yoga Workshop

3.45-4.45 pm Power Yoga for a strong centre with Tiziana

5-6.30 pm Yoga with Forward Bends, soft Twists, Pranayama & Meditation to harmonize Body & Mind with Isa



10.30-12 am Strong Back with Ayur Yoga with Isa
1.30-3 pm Heart Yoga Session with heart opening Asanas & Meditation into the heart space with Sandra

3.30-5.30 pm Emotional blockades & negative thoughts from 2019 - let it go with meditation &  journaling with Tiziana

6-7.30 pm Soft Yoga Asanas with Singing Bowls & Gong: Journey through the energy centers of the body with Sandra & Marco



8-9.30 am Ayur Yoga & Hatha Yoga for beginners and advances with Isa
11-12.30 Vinyasa Yoga Let it Flow with Tiziana

4-6 pm Journey in your thinking - Coaching & Mental Training with Sandra
6-7.30 pm Soft Yoga Asanas with Singing Bowls & Gong: Journey through the energy centers of the body with Sandra & Marco


8-9.30 am Power Yoga for more Power in 2020 with Tiziana
11-12.30 Yin Yoga Session - the soft path to the inner strength with Isa

1.30-3 pm Soft Yoga Asanas with Singing Bowls & Gong: Journey through the energy centers of the body with Sandra & Marco

Programme subject to change


5-Day-Pass CHF 440.- incl. 16 Yoga & Coaching Sessions from Wednesdays to Sundays

4-Day-Pass CHF 380.- incl. 14 Yoga & Coaching Sessions from Thursdays to Sundays

3-Day-Pass CHF 320.- incl. 11 Yoga & Coaching Sessions from Fridays to Sundays

2-Day-Pass CHF 230.- incl. 7 Yoga & Coaching Sessions from Saturdays to Sundays

You can also book single workshops. Costs on requests.

SAAS-fee yoga weeks - SUMMER

save the dates!



YOGA WEEKEND from 17th to 20th September 2020

Yoga & Meditation for stress reduction

by Sandra Schönmann and Marco Angelo Cazzaniga

Retreat language: german & english


THURSDAY 17th of September 2020

3-6 pm Anti-Stress-Workshop: what is stress? What consequences has stress on my wellbeing? What are my personal stress triggers? 


FRIDAY 18th of September 2020

8-9.30 am Simple Yoga postures for stress reduction
5.30-7 pm Soft Yoga accompanied by Singing Bowls 


SATURDAY 19th of September 2020

9.30 am Hiking with Meditation & Mindfulness

5.30-7 pm Singing Bowl Meditation


SUNDAY 20th of September 2020

8-9.30 am Simple Yoga postures for stress reduction

10.45-11.45 am Body Scan Meditation

CHF 575 per person in a shared Double Room
CHF 749 per person in a Double Room for Single Use

additional CHF 7 per person & night for taxes


  • 3 overnights with healthy breakfast
  • all yoga & meditation courses
  • workbook
  • the mountain cable cars in Saas-Fee

Singing Bowls & Meditation - Evolution Retreats
Singing Bowls & Meditation - Evolution Retreats

Our hotels

Hotel Bristol***
The Hotel Bristol is situativ directly at the ski slopes. A comfortable room with balcony awaits, quiet & sunny with a wonderful view of the glacier world of Saas-Fee. 


POPCORN! Hotel***

There's always something going on at the funky snowboarder hotel. Centrally located with simple but friendly rooms and the Coffee Bar, also known for après-ski and meeting point for young and young at the heart, as well as the popular Popcorn Nightclub. 


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Yoga Weekend in Saas-Fee
Yoga Weekend in Saas-Fee