AROMA THERAPy - essential oils

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to increase well-being and alleviate disease. It is a form of phytotherapy (plant medicine) and belongs to the complementary medical methods.
Essential oils contain the immune system of the plant - the vitality of the plant in a highly concentrated form. One drop of peppermint oil is comparable to: 28 cups of peppermint tea.

The olfactory system is connected to the hippocampus, the brain structure that manages memory, as well as to the amygdala and the limbic system, parts of the brain that are involved in the control of emotions.

Fragrances and odours thus have an immediate and relevant effect on our moods and well-being.

Each essence has a specific effect on us. Some essences have a calming and harmonizing effect, some have a stimulating effect, and some have an energizing or comforting effect.

The knowledge about essential oils goes back to the ancient Egyptians.The Romans and Greeks also used the essences of plants to enhance health and well-being.

how to use essential oils?

Essential oils are used aromatically by inhalation or through a diffuser.

Rub directly on the skin with a carrier oil (e.g. fractionated coconut oil).

The essential oil is taken internally in a meal, a drink or in a capsule.

Please note: Essential oils must be dosed carefully, as side effects such as allergic reactions can occur. Especially children, pregnant women and weakened persons should be very careful when using essential oils. Undiluted they can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

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Lemon has an uplifting, energizing aroma that promotes feelings of lightness and joy.

  •     1-2 drops a day in one liter of water for cleansing and detoxification
  •     refreshing and invigorating scent in the diffuser e.g. with Eucalyptus

Melaleuca - Tea Tree

The essential oil Melaleuca, known to many under the name "tea tree", consists of over 92 different chemical compounds and therefore has almost unlimited applications.

  •     soothes the skin: apply diluted with carrier oil
  •     antiviral: take several drops in one capsule (together with Frankincense)


The Romans and Egyptians used lavender for bathing and cooking. Since then, many have discovered the innumerable advantages of lavender for themselves.

  •     soothes the skin, especially after insect bites: apply directly or with carrier oil
  •     has a calming and balancing effect: apply to the soles of the feet before going to bed or diffuse


Peppermint oil is a great active ingredient and can work miracles big and small depending on the way it is used.

  •     has a calming effect on nausea and stomach & intestinal complaints: Take Beadlets or dilute 1 drop in water and drink
  •     has an invigorating effect on fatigue and relieves headaches: apply diluted to temples, forehead and neck


Frankincense is called the "king" of essential oils and is one of the most valuable and precious oils. Already centuries ago the ancient Egyptians used incense resin in many different ways. Its soothing and beauty enhancing properties rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and reduce impurities when applied topically. When inhaled or nebulized, incense promotes feelings of calm, relaxation, contentment and general well-being.

  •     has a calming effect on the skin, but also on joints and muscles: apply diluted with carrier oil
  •     antiviral: take several drops in one capsule (together with Tea Tree oil)

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